Growing up, I was never a confident person. I was constantly seeking validation and approval from other people until I realised that confidence starts with yourself. It starts with the way you feel about yourself. You don’t have to be loud and extroverted to be confident, it comes from yourself first.
Over the past year or so, I would definitely say that I have become more confident and that is because I have realised those things. I now understand myself and my worth, which has caused me become happier with who I am. This is a journey though, and I am still working on my confidence. But in this post, I wanted to share 10 easy things you can do to practice confidence.

Look at how far you’ve come

Whether you are in a good or a bad place right now, look at the journey you’ve been on so far. The challenges faced and the goals you’ve achieved. It is so easy to get fixated on the next big milestone or the next goal you need to achieve. It is a lot of pressure and it can be really easy to sink back into that place of self-doubt. But look at your last achievement, big or small. Perhaps you just reached 300 followers on Insta, or you finished your dissertation for uni, or you finished cleaning your wardrobe. No matter the achievement, look at how far you’ve come, the difference it has made.

Compare who you are now to the person you were a year ago. What’s changed? What have you achieved since then? What have you overcome? I know that I am a completely different person to who I was a year ago, because I faced many challenges and difficult times, yet I’m still here. Looking back on what you’ve overcome and achieved should act as a reminder to yourself that you are worthy and deserve to feel confident in the person you’re becoming.

Celebrate the little things

Big or small, your achievements matter. It really can be the little things that just give you that confidence boost you needed. For example, when I post a picture on Instagram and the brand I’m wearing has liked that photo, that is something I celebrate. It makes me proud and just gives me the confidence to post more content like that. Another example is meeting a deadline on time. By achieving that deadline, you’re giving yourself that confidence, that reassurance of being able to achieve that again. It is always something worth celebrating.

Make someone else feel good

This kind of leads on from my last point but instead of being on the receiving end, give someone else the opportunity to feel good. Whether it is in the form of compliments, liking a photo, or buying someone’s product, remember that you are bringing someone a little (or large) ounce of joy through your actions. There is always a reason to be kind to others and remembering the positive impact you can have on people should give you the confidence to continue doing so. It is with being intentional that you can really see the effect you have on people, which in return, should make you feel self-assured.

Speak positively

People always talk about a positive mental attitude, but it really does affect the way you feel about yourself. I use to be such a pessimist and sometimes, I can fall back into that place, but making a conscious effort to speak more positively, really can make such a difference to your confidence. If you speak positively, then you are more likely to be positive about yourself. Seeing the good in each day, practicing gratitude and appreciation, all of these things are going to make you inclined to be a little nicer to yourself, in turn, making you feel more confident within yourself.

Fake it, til’ you make it

Perhaps my most useful tip, or at least the one that works best for me. Just fake it. You can apply this to all aspects of life, but one of my favourite examples to use is when I take pictures. I never use to be comfortable in front of a camera, however, if you saw the pictures in this blog post, for example, you’d probably assume the exact opposite. You want to know why? It’s because I was faking confidence. Faking the confidence for a while will become second nature and you will notice your own internal confidence grow. Fake a smile, a laugh, a walk, whatever it is, fake the confident self you want them to see, and the real confidence will follow.


Body language

Again, slightly linked to my last point but your body language can say so much about the way you feel in yourself. You may not feel confident, but you can still look confident. Stand straight, smile, look up. Little things like this can make you appear more confident, but it could also give your internal self a little confidence boost too. For instance, walking into a job interview. Whether you feel confident or not, walk like you are, make eye contact, smile, and you will reassure yourself a lot quicker.

Look good, feel good

While we are on the topic of portraying a confident exterior, if you look good, you will feel good. Wearing your most flatting dress, your favourite lip colour or even just painting your nails. If you feel confident in how you look on the outside, the inside will soon catch up. You don’t need to look super glam or over-dressed, you could just be having a good skin day which could completely boost your confidence. You could be wearing leggings that really flatter you, which in turn, makes you feel beautiful. No matter what you do to ‘look good’, you will just feel that bit better about yourself.

Do what makes you feel good (long term)

Leading on from looking good, do what makes you feel good. Whether that be working out, eating chocolate, or putting on a face mask. If it makes you feel good, you will be a lot nicer to yourself. There is a very fine line within this point though. For example, you might think that confronting someone or insulting them will make you feel good and maybe it will for a split second, but then you’ll probably feel worse afterward. So what I’m trying to say is really think about the things that make you feel good. And make you feel good in the long term. Another random example, but I always feel so good when I’ve just shaved my legs and they’re super smooth. It really can be little things like that, which can just give you a little confidence boost.

Accept compliments

I am so bad at this and I know I’m not the only one. It can sometimes be super intimidating to accept a compliment, especially if it is done in an upfront manner. But just take it. Not only will it make you feel good at that moment, but compliments tend to be a thing you remember. I don’t know about you, but I remember the clothes I’ve worn that people have complimented, the hairstyle I did which people liked. And it isn’t all about what other people think of you, but it does boost your confidence. Someone may say how nice your smile is and it does just make you want to smile more. Accepting compliments makes you feel more self-confident and it will make you think twice about critising yourself again.

Get out your comfort zone

Another tricky one, but try something new, challenge yourself. This could be giving someone a compliment, meeting new people or posting a picture of yourself online. Test your boundaries and you could surprise yourself. Trying something new can just make you feel so good on the inside and getting out of your comfort zone is something always worth celebrating. I’m not saying all personal boundaries are made to be broken or are going to have a positive impact, but they are definitely worth learning about. I found that a deeper understanding of myself really helped my confidence and reassured who I was as a person. So test your boundaries and your comfort zone, see what you learn about yourself.

I’d love to know if you practice any of these tips on a regular basis, because I know I definitely do, subconsciously. I also hope that you found these tricks useful and could maybe implement into your life now.
Stay safe,
Grace xx

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