autumn/ winter trends I'm all over this year

I know I’m not alone in this when I say that I love autumn/ winter fashion. The layers, knitwear, chunky boots, all of it I just love. And particularly this year, I’m seeing the same pieces popping up repeatedly, so I wanted to talk through some of my favourite autumn/ winter fashion trends for 2020.


The satin trend has been around for quite some time now and I really do love it. I actually don’t own loads of satin in my wardrobe, but I think you can do so much with them. They look so luxe, yet you could wear them down with a chunky knit and trainers. What I’m loving about the satin trend this year though, is the range of colours these satin pieces are coming in. From gorgeous jewel tones to some great neutrals. I’m definitely on the hunt for some more satin pieces this season as I think this trend is here to stay.


Everyone loves the tones and colours that come out every autumn, but with fashion this year, I’ve notice monochromatic outfits becoming a huge trend. It was massive in spring with all of the pastels and matching sets, so now it is still trending but in the autumn shades. I’m seeing so many amazing monochromatic looks on Instagram and Pinterest at the moment, with all of the nudes, burnt oranges, khakis and I’m just obsessed. I think a monochromatic outfit just looks so well but together and so sleek, so it is definitely one of my favourite autumn/ winter fashion trends this year.


Who doesn’t love a good checkered print in autumn/ winter right? Everyone loves it. It’s so festive and autumnal, plus the amount of options out there now is endless. Personally, I’ve always been the one to have an oversized checkered shirt in my wardrobe and now that it is the season to pull them back out, I’m loving styling them. They don’t have to be shirts though, I’m seeing so many skirts and blouses coming in these prints nows as well as dresses and knitwear, so you really can rock this trend no matter your style.


My latest obsession… knee high boots. Quite frankly, I’m feeling my best when I’m in knee high boots. There is just something about them that is so sexy and stylish, you’ve just go to own a pair. I have a few in my collection, in different shapes and colours, but I love pulling them out for autumn/ winter. Knee high boots also seem to be becoming one of those staple autumn/ winter fashion trends, and I’m not complaining. They are perfect for casual and evening wear, but also a great substitute for those trainers and pumpers we were wearing in summer.


I was never obsessed with neutrals, until this season struck and now I’m all over it. Don’t get me wrong, I love nude shades, but styling them and finding the perfect tones always felt impossible to me. But now because it is one of the biggest autumn/ winter fashion trends this year, so many places are taking neutrals to the next level. I’m definitely building on my collection of neutrals this year, with knitwear, dresses, skirts, trousers and I can’t wait to post some styling content with them. This trend also goes so well with the monochromatic looks because a neutral outfit is always on my Instagram feed right now, and people are loving them. It is definitely an outfit idea that I think everyone could pull off and spice up in their own way.

Autumn trends 2020


I’m loving this ‘model off duty’ trend right now for a/ w. It is so luxe looking yet super effortless and easy to recreate. I love blazers every day anyway, but dressing them casually has never really been an option for me until now, and I’m loving it. Plus with shoulder pads becoming a trend again, and super oversized fits becoming more accessible, I think this trend couldn’t have come at a better time. Whether it be a dad-style blazer, or some tailer shorts, I just think this suit style trend is here for a long time, and in autumn, you could do so much with them as layering pieces.


Anyone who knows me, will know, that a leather jacket is my ultimate clothing staple. But new leather pieces are huge autumn/ winter fashion trends this year. Leather blazers, trousers, shorts, skirts, tops, dresses, you name it, someone is out there selling it in leather. And rightly so because leather or leather-look pieces are such great staples for anyone’s wardrobe. Especially in the colder months as they tend to be a little thicker, great to layer and come in beautiful rich colours. As much as I love my leather jacket, I know I’m definitely on the hunt for some new leather pieces, whether it be a blazer, skirt or maybe even a pair of trousers. But I’m loving this trend and can’t wait to find some more styling inspiration for it.


I could quite possibly be the last person on Instagram right now who doesn’t have a sweater vest and I don’t mind. As much as I love this trend, I’m waiting to come across the perfect vest. But I do love the whole vintage, dad-style vibes this trend offers. And I’m loving seeing the way people are styling them. They can be styled in so many ways given the right colour and print. But I am definitely on the look out for a good sweater vest and I really hope this trend sticks around because I think it is both practical and super cute.


Following on from the sweater vests trend, this whole Y2K, back to school, preppy style is such a vibe to me right now. I’m not super feminie when it comes to my clothes and style, however, this trend makes me want to wear a skater skirt and a crop top everyday. Although I don’t, I do love love love this trend and I’m constantly seeing new ways people have reinvented it to suit them. Whether it’s collars under sweatshirts, or sweater vests, or skater skirts, or slit skirts, or flares, I’m loving this whole vintage, preppy style. As I said, there are so many ways you can interpret this trend and so I think that is why it must be my favourite for autumn/ winter 2020.


Skinny jeans who? Oversized jeans have been trendy for quite a while, but I have never seen them as oversized as the ones coming out this year. Between the balloon jeans, the wide leg jeans and the flare jeans, right now, it’s just the bigger the better right? Jokes aside, I love this trend. I’ve never been one for baggy jeans because of my chunky thighs, however, I think once you find the perfect pair, you are good to go. I think it is the vintage feel of oversized jeans and the effortless vibes it gives off that make people enjoy it so much. You could do a whole oversized look with the jeans, a sweatshirt and a massive jacket, or show a little shape with a cute crop top and strappy heels. Once again, you can just do so much with this trend. And denim never goes out of style.

If I’ve missed off any major trends for this season then do please let me know in the comments. But otherwise, what is your favourite autumn/ winter fashion trend for this year?
Lots of love,
Grace xx

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