Spring outfits, ways to declutter your wardrobe
Spring outfits, ways to declutter your wardrobe

Being a bit of a fashion addict myself, I know the pain of opening your wardrobe one day and finding that it is fully overflowing, everything is creased, yet there is nothing you want to wear? Anyone relate? Well, there is usually only one solution… a declutter. You may want to shed a tear at the idea of having to get rid of some clothes but in this post I wanted to share my top 5 ways to successfully declutter your wardrobe.

This blog post is also in collaboration with the lovely Ginger Blogger, who is going to be sharing five more decluttering tips over on her blog. I will leave all of her links at the end of this post for you to check out!


Oh I know it is a pain, but you just need to do it! Try on everything you are considering to get rid of. You might get all hot and sweaty doing this but it is going to be so beneficial. It reminds you of how the pieces fit, look and how you can style them. Pop on a bit of music in the back or your favourite tv show and give yourself a little fashion show. The number of times I’ve loved something on the hanger, tried it on and completely hated how it looks on me is a bit silly, but it makes the decluttering process so much easier.


This isn’t always possible, but if you can, I would highly recommend getting help from someone else. Maybe have a little FaceTime date with your friend, trying on clothes and decluttering each others wardrobes or ask your mum whether she thinks you wear these pieces enough. A second opinion is always valuable when it comes to decluttering as they tend to be more objective. If you don’t wear something enough, another person would let you know or if you own ten identical t-shirts, someone else will let you know. I feel like another person helping also makes you more inclined to do a good job of a wardrobe purge, so I had to include this point.

Spring outfits, ways to declutter your wardrobe
Spring outfits, ways to declutter your wardrobe


It is not easy, but in times like these, you need to be brutal. Ask the hard-hitting questions. These could include…

  • Do I really like this?
  • Am I going to love this as much as someone else?
  • Am I going to wear it as much as I say I am?
  • Do I like the way I look when I wear this?
  • Is there something similar I own to this that I love even more?
  • Does this pair well with other pieces in my wardrobe?
  • If I get rid of this, am I going to miss it?

Just try answering a couple of these questions for every piece in your wardrobe. Some pieces you won’t even need to think about, white tee, yes, blue jeans, heck yeah. But other pieces need to be evaluated with these questions. Maybe they are sentimental pieces or unique buys but really try and think whether you are going to miss that item of clothing from your wardrobe.


I am such a bit believer in this. Are you getting your money’s worth out of your clothes? If the answer is no, give them to someone else who will. That tends to be my main rule. I love reselling or donating my clothes to ensure that they go to a better home and that cost per wear is as low as possible.

Just to explain the cost per wear, let’s say you own two denim jackets, one was £50 and the other was £15. Let’s say you prefer the fit of the one that cost £15 and you’ve worn it 30 times since buying it. The jacket that cost £50, you’ve only worn once because it is hard to style. Well, the cost per wear of the £15 jacket would be 50p. So every time you’ve worn that jacket, it has cost you 50p. Whereas the jacket that cost £50, you’ve paid £50 to wear it that one time. Do you see my point? You want your cost per wear for a clothing piece to be as low as possible because that means you are getting the most for your money.

Does this make you think about your clothes differently? I know it definitely makes me question some of the pieces in my collection. But I really think that if you aren’t wearing something enough, you should try and give it to a new home.


I love upcycling old clothes, because it is like buying new clothes only better for the environment. Do you have pieces in your wardrobe that you could transform into something you’d wear more? I know I have a few. For example, I had a pair of trousers that were a little too tight so I cut them up and made it into a skirt that I now wear all the time. It’s also so fun. Get creative with it, I know there are so many cool things you can do to old clothes. It could be even as simple as cropping a t-shirt or adding new buttons to a cardigan.

If you have any more tips in the comments, I’d love to hear them. I’m also curious, when was the last time you decluttered your wardrobe? and did you use any of these tips?
Stay safe,
Grace xx

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