Why you should start a blog

I feel like the majority of us have a lot of spare time right now and want something that they can put all of this extra energy into. When I first made my blog, that is exactly how I felt. I wanted to new project, something to do, a hobby. That made me think that there are probably a lot of people out there wanting to start a blog or something similar. So I thought in today’s post I’d share 10 reasons why you should start a blog.

You want something to call your own

This is a huge thing for a lot of people, I know it was for me. What makes a blog so exciting is that it is completely yours. Maybe it isn’t, literally, if you are using a host site, but you have the majority, if not all of the control. You decide the name, the way the blog looks and what you post. There isn’t anything that you need to conform to and any decisions made are yours.
It is one of the main reasons I love my blog so much, because it is mine. I have control over what I post, when I post it and how it looks, which I think is why I’m so passionate about my blog. Because I do what I want to do.
I think that if you are looking for something to gain control and responsibility, then a blog is a great outlet. It can be something completely independent to yourself, which is what makes it scary but so exciting.

You want to share advice/ inspire people

Blogging is the perfect way to share basically anything. Whether it be experiences, advice, education, the list goes on. If you have something to offer to people, then a blog is a great place to do that. Maybe you want to inspire someone into studying the degree you did or the place you travelled to last year. Perhaps you want to share advice on nailing a job interview or how to become more sustainable. Anything and everything there is to share, I bet there is an avenue for it in the blogging world.
The main thing I’d say, is just to be passionate about what you share. Perhaps there is a particular topic or theme you love. That could be fashion, food, travel, business, animals, interiors, basically anything. As long as that is something you love to talk about, then you can make a blog out of it.

You want to grow in confidence

This is never something I thought blogging would bring, but it has given me so much self-confidence. I don’t know what it is, but there is just something about hitting publish on a post that just makes me feel the slightest bit accomplished.
I definitely think that the further you go with blogging, the more confident you’ll begin to feel. That may be because your blog is getting more views, you get loads of engagement or because one of your close friends found it and told you how proud they are of you. All of these things just give you a little spark of confidence that you may be seeking.
But it isn’t all in the numbers. Like I said, hitting publish on a post can be nerve-racking at first, but it soon becomes very comfortable. You become confident in your writing ability, your layout and your blog as a whole. And at the end of the day it all starts with you. So I do think that if you want to grow in confidence, whether that be in yourself, your writing skills or your coding skills, then a blog would be perfect for you.

You want to be apart of a community

I really wish that I had known this before starting my blog, because there are so many bloggers out there now. When I started my blog, I didn’t even have an instagram for it or anyway to promote myself. A couple of months down the line, someone commented on my post and I was mesmerised that there were other people out there, my age with my same passion that was reading what I had posted. It just gives you a warm feeling inside, and being a part of this community is such a perk to blogging.
Like I said, there are so many people out there now and people out there just like you. Whether you want advice on something or just want to chat, this community is so beneficial to you. I have learnt so much from other people and have benefitted greatly from watching others grow, encouraging them along the way. It is a community that is constantly growing and so I do think that if you want to be apart of community of open-minded, super creative and fun people, then the blogging world is great.
This isn’t me saying that it is perfect. But I think that if you are open to meeting new people, then blogging is great. You may not find ‘your people’ straight away but you can learn so much from the community as a whole.

Why you should start a blog

You want to seek a new opportunity

As I said earlier, blogging is a world is constantly growing and new opportunities are constantly appearing. I remember when people told me that blogging was dead and that no one reads blogs anymore, but they clearly aren’t aware of its constant growth.
Blogging is still such a huge form of self-expression and education. It can inspire someone to buy a product, it can educate them on a particular topic, it can encourage someone to gain an understanding of something they weren’t aware of before, and I think all of those things are forgotten a lot. Brands still seek blogs to promote their products and it is a huge marketing platform for loads of different companies.
So I do think that if you are looking for a new opportunity to maybe share your advice, promote your business, or even become more experienced in website design and coding, then blogging is still a great idea for you.

You want to explore a new creative outlet

You can do anything and everything with your blog if you wanted to, it is your creative space. And there are so many people out there seeking new creative ideas and people to follow.
You could be creative in any sense of the word. Perhaps you want to explore photography and you want to get creative with that. Or you want to get creative in your writing style or blog design. Maybe you have a creative solution to a problem you want to share. Blogging lets you share and experience all of these things.
My blog has definitely encouraged me to get more creative. Whether that be in my photography, my outfit planning, or even the way I promote myself. If you want a new opportunity to get creative or share something creative then a blog would be something perfect for you.

You want to learn a new skill

Perhaps you want to learn about coding, SEO, photography, marketing or social media in general. Blogging gives you that chance to develop any of those skills and many more. I know people who have started a blog to develop a better writing style because they wanted to go into journalism or they’ve started blogging because they want to learn how to code and customise a website.
There are so many things you can learn in the world of blogging and for most of them, you can choose to learn. If you want your blog to be more of a business then there are more things you’d need to learn but these are things you can use in the future. Through educating yourself in building and promoting a blog effectively, you could go on to sell those skills or offer those services to a brand. Either way, by running a blog, there is a huge opportunity for you to gain new skills in all sorts of different ways.

You want to earn a little (or big) income

I’m always skeptical to talk about careers in blogging as it is definitely very taboo. However, it has been proven and you can earn a lot of money from blogging. Before I go any further, I do want to say that this can’t be the only reason you want to start a blog because it takes time. To earn money from blogging you need experience, a following, and a bit of luck, which are all things that don’t come overnight. But, like I said, it is a very successful career for a lot of people.
What makes it very successful is that there are many different ways in which you can go about making money on your blog. It could be through sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or selling a product of your own, just to name a few. Either way, this can provide you with a small income or in some cases, a very large income.
It does take a lot of time but I do think that if you see a business opportunity in blogging or maybe you just want a bit of a side hustle, then blogging is definitely something to consider. That is especially if you have another reason like some of the ones above.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve started a blog and if so, why? I’d love to hear your reasons!
Stay safe,
Grace xx