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This week is mental health awareness week and this year’s theme is kindness, so this post couldn’t have come at a better time. Kindness is so important, not only to others but ourselves too. I think that it can be so easy to get fixated on pleasing other people and that can sacrifice our own happiness. So I thought in this post, I’d share 8 different ways you can be kind to yourself.

Accept your flaws

Perhaps one of the more difficult ones but it is crucial in showing kindness to yourself. Look at your flaws and take them for what they are. We all have flaws. But accepting them allows you to move forward, allowing yourself to have a little extra kindness in your life.
Whether your flaws are a big nose or the fact that you are ridiculously stubborn, acknowledge them, and accept them. We all deal with our flaws differently. Personally, I accept my flaws head-on, realising what they are and reassuring myself that they are okay to have. Just because you have accepted your flaws doesn’t mean that you still can’t work on them to better yourself. It is all in the balance.

Forget the regrets

We’ve all done things we regret, big or small, but we can’t get fixated on them. They are gone and you probably can’t change them. Something to live by is ‘if you can’t change it in five minutes, don’t spend more than five seconds thinking about it’. It’s not always easy, but accepting what’s happened will only help you go forward.
No matter what the situation is, if you can move on from the regrets, then you are that bit closer to moving on and allowing yourself to accept the kindness you deserve. Another example is letting yourself go a little in lockdown, and why gaining weight is okay (you can check that blog post out here).

Take a break

We all need to take a breather sometimes and that is completely okay. There have definitely been times where I have forced myself to carry on, when really, I just needed a short break. Take the break if that is what you need. Make a brew, have a snack or even just nap for 30 minutes. Listen to your body and pay attention to what you need. It might only be a small gesture but it is still an act of kindness to yourself.

Learn to say no

I hate disappointing people, it is probably one of my biggest fears and flaws, but it is true. However, learning to say no, makes you a priority. Focusing on what it is you want to do and not feeling pressure from others, was one of my biggest learning curves. If something doesn’t feel right or comfortable then you have every right to say no.


Prioritise YOU

In my opinion, probably the most important. Look after number one! It may sound selfish but really prioritise what is going to make you happy. That shouldn’t mean that we still can’t help others or make others happy too, but we also have every right to look after ourselves. Showing yourself a little respect and making yourself a priority is a huge act of kindness to yourself. Whether that be having a pamper night instead of doing work or cancelling plans because you aren’t feeling up to it, look after yourself.

Treat yourself

A lot of people would associate this one with spending loads of money and buying loads of new gear, but it doesn’t have to mean that. You could be treating yourself to a cheat meal or a day off, or to just do something for the fun of it. It is nice to spend a bit of money on yourself too, every now again, but those are just a couple of other ideas. I might even do a whole separate post on the different ways you can treat yourself so let me know if that is something you’d like to see!

Remind yourself of your good qualities

Whether that be in the form of a mental note or actually writing it down, just brainstorm a couple of things you like about yourself. It isn’t always in the big gestures. Sometimes you just need a little reminder of your strengths and how valuable you are. Trust me when I say, little things like this can really change your mood and your outlook. Just allow yourself to have those good qualities, it is like giving yourself a compliment.

Stop attempting perfection

Perfection is just a myth. No one is perfect and no one can ever be perfect, that is just the way it is. We see people online who look to be constantly thriving or may seem perfect. They are not. I feel like we know subconsciously that perfection is unachievable yet we criticise ourselves for not being perfect? or what we view to be perfect? We may not be where we want to be right now, but being perfect isn’t going to get us there either. So by releasing that pressure to not be constantly perfect, we are allowing ourselves to relax.

I’d love to know if you have any other ways on how to be kinder to yourself in the comments below!
Stay safe,