Although we are quite a few weeks into January, I still wanted to reel off the beauty products that I loved in 2019. All of these products, I will be taking into 2020 with me and hopefully loving them just as much as I did last year.   

Inecto Shampoo & Conditioner

I have spoken about these for quite a while now, but they were definitely a big love throughout 2019. This is my second set of the Inecto shampoo and conditions, but I believe that I will still continue to repurchase them until I find something just as good. These were the first proper cruelty-free hair products that I really loved and they come at such an affordable price that there is nothing to love about them. As I said, I will continue to love these for a very long time and I encourage anyone to give these a go.  

Soft & Gentle Deodorant

Another random beauty bit again, but Soft & Gentle were the first cruelty-free deodorant I had ever found and I love everything that it does. It is cheap and it does the job which is all I really need, and I have also repurchased this over and over again throughout 2019. My favourite scent is definitely the watermelon one, but yeah, these are great and I can’t imagine myself buying from another brand anymore.   

Palmer’s Coconut Butter

In terms of body products, I have really loved this all throughout the year. It is definitely such an incredible body butter, it is super hydrating and is good to just help nourish the skin. I love using this after a shower as it does such a good job and the smell is also to die for. This bottle has last me so long and I’m sure I will repurchase it after this one has run out. I would definitely recommend this to anyone with super dry skin, as this one does such a good job at making your skin so hydrated and smooth.     

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Glycolic Overnight Peel

This is my standout skincare product of the year just because I love the way it makes my skin feel. I had never tried anything like this until last year but it pleasantly surprised me. You apply this a couple of days a week instead of a moisturiser and you sleep with it on, when you wake up, you sort of do your normal skincare routine but the peel makes your skin so soft. I love the glow this gives my skin also, as the name would suggest, it does give you a natural radiance, but the smoothing effect the peel has is my favourite thing. Especially when I know I will be wearing makeup in the morning, this is such a good step in my skincare routine the night previous just to help the application of my makeup.    

Hard Candy 12 Hr Hydrating Primer

Perhaps my favourite drugstore primer that I have ever come across and it has definitely been well-loved throughout the year. I love this because of how hydrating it is and when it’s on the skin, it makes you look so luminous the glow remains even after foundation and power. It is also nice that it has a tacky feel once it has settled on the skin, which really does just allow the products to really adhere to the skin.   

Elf 16Hr Camo Concealer

I tried this concealer this year and it is incredible. There are so many drugstore concealers that I have loved this year, but this one is so incredible and I have definitely fallen in love with it this year. This was my holiday concealer this year and it did such a good job of lasting on the skin. I also think that they have a really good shade range and hopefully, I will be picking up a few more of this formula, so that I can have one for all year round. Throughout the year, I have also used this as a foundation and it still does a great job in that sense. The coverage is definitely medium to full, but I haven’t found it to crease and it lasts so long. It’s definitely up there with one of the best drugstore concealers.   


Revolution Pro Foundation Stick

As much as I would love to try this as a foundation stick, I do really love using it for contour. I am not always for cream contour if I am looking for something more lightweight and quick but for when I want to go full glam, cream contour is a must. This blends like a dream and the colour is amazing for contouring, but I would still like to try and pick this up in my foundation colour just to see what it’s like.  However, I’ve used this loads last year and it definitely made my makeup experience loads better.   

Natural Collection Mattifying Pressed Powder in Translucent

2019 was the year I rediscovered this power and I am so glad I did. As simple as it is, it does all I need it to do. I can use this to set my undereye, my eyeshadow primer or just my entire face and it just does the right job. It mattifies without making my skin feel super dry and it does generally make my makeup last longer.    

Ofra Highlighter in Rodeo Drive

I can’t say I’ve been highlighter obsessed this year but this one stands out as the one I’ve gravitated towards the most this year. It is definitely my bold highlighter of choice just because of how pigmented it is and the glow it gives my skin is unreal. I love this though because of its colour, I can wear it when I’m pale or when I’m more tanned and so it is just so versatile and an essential in my makeup bag.   

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

Once again, I haven’t really tried very many bronzers this year but as for the one that I have used and loved the most, this one definitely stands out to me. It applies like a dream but I mainly love it because of its colour, it is so subtle and just gives my skin some shape and dimension without it ever turning muddy. Definitely out of the drugstore bronzers I own, this is up there with one of the best.   

MUA Matte Essentials Eye Shadow Palette

I definitely rediscovered this little gem this year but for a different reason than what I had initially purchased it for. From jumping between pomades, pencils, and powders, when it comes to defining my eyebrows, I have just found that I prefer the best when they are filled out with power. I just feel like with powder, I get the most natural finish and I am also able to control the opacity a lot more, so that is what I have started using this palette for. I still use it now every time I do my makeup because the shades work perfectly for me. It is definitely going to be the sort of thing that I repurchase just because of how useful it is to have in my collection and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that just needs a palette filled with all of the essential colours.   

Zoeeva Blanc Fusion Palette

The final product that I have to mention today is this palette. I have loved this to bits this year, mainly for its simplicity. In 2019, I did discover Zoeeva and having three of their eyeshadow palettes, I have really been able to test and trial the formula, but when it came to picking my favourite palette, this one stood out the most. I love this, once again, because of how basic the shades are. The number of mattes just makes it so easy for me to do a whole look with just this one palette, yet there are still chances for me to add a bit of colour and a bit of depth which I love. It is definitely my travel palette of choice and the formula is just amazing to work with.   

I’d love to know any beauty products you think that I should try in 2020!
Grace xx

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