five more things I love in a blog

One of my most popular blog posts is my ‘five things I love in a blog’ post and I think so many of you found it super useful. So I wanted to do a little part two in this post, giving you another five things I love to see in a blog.

As I said in the last post, this is all a personal preference, however, I do think it’s important for people see from the perspective of the reader. And I definitely know that when I read and discover new blogs, there are certain things I look for and like, and some things not so much.


Personally, I’m a very visual person. If a blog post has amazing pictures, I am so much more likely to click on it, rather than a post with no pictures or pictures that aren’t all that relevant. Personally, I love unique photos, so ones the blogger has actually taken themselves. Whether that be a flatly, a portrait, an outfit pic. Whatever it is, it just feels more personal, from my perspective and unique to that blog post.

I know a lot of people use stock photos and I don’t really mind that either. As long as they sort of match the blog aesthetic or is relevant to the post, then I think it’s crucial that they are there.

But when a blog post has no pictures or the pictures feel completely irrelevant, then I’m probably not going to read the post. When someone is talking about makeup, or tips for bloggers, or stying tips, I would much rather see a visual representation of what they are trying to translate first. Reading a blog post, the first thing I look at are the pictures. They tend to make or break a post for me. I think they break up a blog post and make it much more accessible. If I like the pictures, then I am so much more likely going to spend more time on your blog and read you content.


I think especially if you are a lifestyle blogger or blog about many different topics, then you need to have some form of categories to help organise your blog. Especially when I first see someone’s page, I like to see what they blog most about. I find that by going onto the categories bar helps me see what it is they blog about and what I would be most interested in.

For example, there are some blogs I love, but only for a specific topic of content they right about. For example their fashion content, or their blogging tips or their makeup looks. By having categories, it just means I can find those blog posts much quicker without having to scroll endlessly.


A huge thing for me as a reader is to see the face of the blogger. Call it weird but it just creates that more personal interaction. It’s important to realise that there are people behind the screen, writing these posts so to see a friendly face on their home page or about me page, I think it’s super important.


I love to spread love on other’s blog posts. When you put so much work into the post, from the photography to the writing, sometimes you just want that little comment which makes you day. I know I’m like this and so I like to do it on other blogs too. However, if I can’t easily comment on you blog, then I will probably just click off.

Loads of people have many different ways as to how their audience comments on posts. Personally for me, you just have to fill out your name, email and a website, which is optional. I don’t really mind how I have to comment, it is more just being about to comment.

If there isn’t a clear button as to where you can comment and it isn’t at the end of the post, then I will just get confused and click off. I definitely think that if you’re trying to receive more comments on your posts then definitely try to think of how you can simplify the experience for the reader.


I definitely think that this is more of a personal preference, but I love being able to search stuff into other people’s blogs. Especially if they don’t have categories or if I have a burning question for their blog, I can enter it into the search bar. For example, if I was on a fashion blog and wanted some outfit ideas for autumn, I could just type autumn fashion into the search bar, and if they’ve written about it, then it will appear. I just think it’s super useful and if I have a specific thing I’m looking for, it’s the easiest way for me to find it.

Do let me know if you would like a part three for this, but I do hope you’ve found it useful. If you do have any other points that you love in a blog, please comment below!
Lots of love,
Grace xx

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