I love makeup, and as much as I love trying new products, there is also something so great about rediscovering some old favourites. That is exactly what I wanted to share in today’s posts, products I love but tend to forget about. I loved picking products for this post as it just reminded me of some gems in my collection and also how far I’ve come in my makeup journey. Hopefully, this will inspire some of you to pick out some old classics and give them the love they deserve. 
An absolute cult classic, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit. I remember when this was at the very top of my wishlist and back when you couldn’t ABH online or delivered to the UK, I remember being on holiday in the USA telling my mum how badly I wanted it and she treated my to it for my birthday. Even though that was quite a while ago, I still adore this product but do forget about it in my collection. As it is a palette, I get lazy and tend to just pick single compacts instead but this is so so good. The shades in this palette are perfect for setting concealer, highlighting, contouring and bronzing so it is so great for travelling and I wish I would give it the same attention when I’m at home. It is definitely a well-loved product in my collection, one that I should definitely reach for more and so it had to be on this list. 
The RCMA Powder was such a hyped product a couple of years ago and rightly so as it seemed like the perfect inexpensive loose powder. Back when baking was super trendy, I would wear this every time I did my makeup and now that I don’t bake anywhere near as often, I never tend to reach for this. However, this is just a great powder to set with, as it mattifies and makes my makeup last so much longer. I guess this product has been forgotten about as I no longer wear super heavy makeup. With time I have definitely become more of a ‘less is more’ makeup kind of person but I do need to remember to whip this one out when I have an event coming up. 
Such an oldie but a goodie, the Milani Baked Blusher in Luminoso is loved by so many people. I love blush and as much as I love this one, I just don’t seem to be reaching for this as often as I should. Although I don’t find blush necessary when I do my makeup, blushers like this, when they have a lovely sheen to them, are great as they also double as a highlighter. I think with transitioning into spring, this one is definitely going to get a little more love and I hope so because it is such a gorgeous product. 
For people who have been reading my blog for years, this one is going to be such a throwback but the Kiko Flower Enriched Blush in Provocative Pink remains in my collection as one of my most loved blushers. I can’t believe I haven’t hit pan on it as I use to love and wear this every day for at least a year. It is because of this product, that I started to build a bigger blusher collection as it just became one of my favourite products. Especially when I only use to wear matte blushers, this was perfect as the colour was so versatile and it had such a buildable formula. Being completely honest, this is probably expired but it stays in my collection as I use to love it so much and maybe I will get it back out just to see if it still gives my the same feels. 
Another super hyped up product that had its moment in the spotlight, the Morphe 35O Palette. Although I think this phase of super warm shadows is almost over, this is still such a good palette. When ignoring the strong shades of orange, this palette makes for a great neutral selection of eye shadows, perfect for anyone. I also think that you can’t go wrong with this formula as it is easy to work with. With also having the Jaclyn Hill palette in my collection, I tend to use that over this palette but that shouldn’t be that case as I have made so many great looks with this palette and it still has such great potential. 
The final product is definitely an underrated product in my eyes, and I’m not even sure if you can still get it but the Collection Define & Perfect Brow Powder is so great. For a quick and easy brow fix, this is perfect as it is so easy to use and so quick to apply. It has a pencil-like-applicator but a dry, pomade like formula which makes it act like a powder, perfect for just dusting through the brows to add a little definition. I don’t know why I don’t reach for this more because every time I have used it, I have been really impressed and so I guess this post is a reminder for my to give this and all the other products mentioned a little more love in future. 
This post was definitely on the more light-hearted side but nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed and have been reminded to give some of your old favourites a little more love. 
Stay safe,
Grace xx