Podcasts I love!

A recent favourite of mine is podcasts. I constantly go through phases with podcasts, mainly because I forget that they are right there on my phone, ready to listen too. However, at the moment, I’m making more of an effort to learn new things and podcasts is a way in which I’ve been doing that. Therefore, I have discovered and have been listening to quite a few different podcasts lately that I wanted to share.
In this post, I’m only going to share four podcasts that I love. Some, I discovered a while back and still want to recommend, while others have just been released but I am currently enjoying listening to them.

By Creatives, For Creatives – Lucy

This podcast was created by Lucy from Forever September back in 2019. I remember listening to it when it first came out and I can’t believe that I never shared it. I guess it is better late than never right?
There are six episodes, each with a different blogger and they each discuss different areas of blogging with Lucy. Obviously, I would recommend this to any blogger as I think that it is super insightful, it opens up your eyes to possibilities and different perspectives. However, I also think that the podcast would be beneficial for a lot of other people too, whether that be small business owners or someone who has a creative interest generally. I found a lot of the topics discussed to be something I could relate to, especially when talking about making decisions about university and the stigma around taking creative subjects in school.

Entirely Accurate

This is more of a guilty pleasure podcast for me, but nevertheless, I do enjoy listening to it. Entirely Accurate is run by three Youtubers; Byron, Haz and Anastasia. They discuss social media, embarrassing stories and just general growing up stuff really. I just find it really interesting to listen to. I’ve always been really curious about the Youtube industry and what it is really like, which this does provide an insight into. I also think that because Byron, Haz and Anastasia are around about my age, I find it really relatable.
I would just recommend this podcast if you want something easy to listen to. It doesn’t require much concentration and it is super light hearted.


The Creative Key – Laura Medley

I have been following Laura online for a couple of years now and I just love her. We are the same age and I just admire everything she does and talks about. When I heard that she was releasing her podcast, I knew I’d love it straight away.
The Creative Key was only released a couple of weeks ago but I have been listening to each episode every week. As I said, I am very curious about other people’s take on social media, and Laura discusses it so clearly. Generally, I think that the podcast has a great concept and that it talks about lots of interesting topics. Laura is also great at sharing advice as well as her own personal stories.
I would definitely recommend this to any creative out there as I think there is something you can take from it. Especially if you are my age, or are interested in self-development, then this would be a great podcast for you.

The Wooden Spoon

This is definitely a podcast for anyone in education or is in need of motivation. It is ran by four studytubers who discuss what it really means to be successful.
I find this such an interesting podcast because there are so many different takes on the topics they discuss. Each of the four also have their own struggles and stories which definitely helps this podcast feel more relatable to you as a listener. They discuss rejection to perfection to mental health and although they all seem super academic, their perspectives are so realistic.
I’d recommend this to anyone in education right now. I believe it will offer you a perspective that you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. It is definitely very reassuring to listen to.

I definitely plan to start listening to some new podcasts so if you have any suggestions, then please leave them in the comments!
Stay safe,
Grace xx