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Luckily, the blogging community is so giving and knowledgable that so many bloggers have produced free content that is incredibly useful. You could find endless resources if you looked in the right places, and I have been able to find some amazing products that I thought I’d share in this post. These include templates to pitch to brands, Instagram presets, and SEO tips for blog posts.

I have used so many of these products and would recommend them to anyone so I thought this post was the perfect way to round up the freebies you can get your hands on right now.

Styling Social

Ellie is incredible when it comes to social media growth. She keeps all the tips super straight to the point and they work. Styling Social as a business is amazing and especially if you want to invest in yourself, it is a great place to start. However, Ellie also offers so many freebies that you can sign up for right now.

One of them being a pitching template to send to brands when wanting to collaborate. It perfectly outlines what you should be including and perhaps what you should be avoiding.

What I also love about Styling Social is the blog posts written as they are so full of information and are a great place to start learning new things. From the basics of Pinterest to transforming Instagram into your job.

Styling Social is definitely a great place to start and I’d highly recommend following them on Insta too as you are always picking up new bits of information all about social media and mindset.

Styling Social Freebies I love:
Pitching Template
The Beginners Guide To Pinterest
3 Ways To Triple Your Instagram Engagement

The She Approach

Ana is a wizard when it comes to the blogging world. She was one of the first bloggers I discovered who was able to transform it into a huge business and full-time job. Super cool right?

The She Approach is an amazing platform filled with endless amounts of information all about blogging. What Ana also offers though is free access to her ultimate blogging resource library. And all you need to do is enter your name and email address. I did this a while back and you get so many amazing resources straight to your fingers tips. From printable templates to how-to guides to mini-courses that pop up in your email.

You really could just spend hours just on Ana’s blog though and I have done my fair share of browsing. Personally, I love how she clearly shows how to monetise your blog and make money from it. Her posts are super transparent and really simplify the steps taken, which makes it super easy to understand.

I would always recommend to check out The She Approach, even if you aren’t that into educating yourself on the blogging game. You can still pick up some amazing tips on the little things you can do to give your blog traffic a little boost.

The She Approach resources you need to check out:
Ultimate access to the resource library
How I Made My First $100,000 Blogging (With A Small Blog)
Three Ways To Grow Your Blog In 2020

Allison Lindstrom

Allison is another amazing blogger who talks all about the finances and business side of blogging. Personally, when I started out, I had no idea you could make that much money from a blog, but you really can. Plus, I am a super curious person and I love reading people’s income reports to see where the money really comes from.

However, even if you aren’t into the finance side or turning your blog into a side hustle, there is still some great content for you. Especially for starting out. Allison’s content is super beginner friendly and gives you a great perspective for attracting more readers to your blog.

I learnt so much from Allison and I would highly recommend checking out her blog. You can also sign up to some of her freebies from her website like niche ideas you could start or steps taken to start a profitable blog. Both completely free for anyone.

Allison Lindstrom’s content you need to read:
What I Did My 1st Six Months Blogging: Tips for New Bloggers
How to Turn Your Blog Into a Career in 2020

Easy Blog Emily

Emily is an incredible blogger and a Pinterest superstar. Although she offers great advice on general blogging traffic and how to boost it, I love her for her Pinterest tips. I have found her free Pinterest course to be super useful when starting out with Pinterest. And her blog posts also outline perfectly how to grow your Pinterest.

I also think Emily has some great tips to share for beginners in blogging. Like how you don’t need a niche, how to double you page views or how to decide how often to post.

Emily’s blog is a great place too start when wanting to grow your blog traffic. Her general blogging and SEO tips paired with her Pinterest advice for growth are all so useful for getting more traffic directly onto your blog.

Easy Blog Emily resources you should check out!
Easy Pinterest with Emily course
How to CRUSH blogging without a niche
How I got 38k shares on 1 blog post!
How to DOUBLE your blog traffic this summer

The Unpredicted Page

Amber is a lifestyle blogger who doesn’t just talk about blogging, but also great life tips and tricks. So she is definitely a blogger I’d suggest checking out. However, I recently signed up for Amber’s mailing list and it is amazing. Monthly, she adds new resources from a media kit template to hundreds of Instagram hashtags. They are super useful to just save and gain a little inspiration.

But Amber also has loads of blog posts that share amazing tips for any beginners starting up a blog. So even if you don’t want to sign up for her mailing list, you can still get some amazing info. But I would recommend signing up for her freebies section. It is constantly being added to and the templates provided are perfect for beginners.

The Unpredicted Page posts and resources you should check out:
Freebies section
What are the best FREE WordPress Plugins for Bloggers?
FREE Blogging courses for beginners

She Means Blogging

Arfa is another amazing blogger who shares nothing but amazing advice for any type of blogger out there. She is so knowledgable and has a blog post for anything you could possible want to know. I also think that Arfa covers some really unique parts of the blogging industry like the legal side and freelancing.

Even down to the simple things, She Means Blogging is a great platform to perfect the little things in a blog like keyword research. Who knew? But I also love how Arfa talks about time management tips for bloggers and the general lifestyle that comes with it. It’s all well and good talking about the money you can make but the lifestyle it leads isn’t always discussed because it isn’t for everyone. But I really appreciate that the She Means Blogging page talks about it and how to manage your blog effectively.

I’d highly suggest you check out She Means Blogging. It is a great blog to check out for endless posts and tips. You really could just spend the whole day absorbing all the information on this blog. And implementing it can really help give you that push for improving your blog.

She Means Blogging blog posts to read:

I’d love to know if you found this blog post useful as I really think everyone should be able to learn something new from these amazing bloggers.
Lots of love,
Grace xx

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