Never in a million years did I think that I was going to be able to ever write a post like this. However, I’m braving it to offer reassurance to people and normalise weight gain. Although I believe that we are progressing in recognising and accepting all shapes and sizes, there is still work to be done. I also think that after seeing the media explode over Adele’s weight loss, which is incredible, I think there is also a need to share why it is okay to gain weight also. This has been on my mind for the last week or so and I just wanted to share how I feel.

We’ve been in lockdown for nearly seven weeks as I’m writing this and since then, I have noticed that I’ve gained a little weight. Big or small, weight gain use to be a huge worry of mine. However, in lockdown, I have found that my mindset has changed about the way I view my body. So I thought, I’d share a couple of reasons as to why my weight gain doesn’t both me.

I understand myself

This is probably my most important point and it has been a huge mindset shift for me in lockdown. But being in lockdown has meant that I am spending much more time with myself, which inevitably means that I am learning about myself each and every day. With that, I know what is toxic for me and what is good for me. I like being busy, I love a full to-do list and I don’t like is scrolling Instagram for long periods of time. Because I know what’s good for me, I do it and that means that I naturally feel more positive. Whether that be a positive mindset or positive about my body. Either way, I’ve never known myself to feel so happy on the inside and I that is where it all starts.

Over the past few months, I’ve also learned a lot about my body. What makes me lose weight, gain weight, and how my lifestyle affects both. I know that traveling to and from work is good for me and when I first got my job, I lost weight. Being in school meant that I wasn’t snacking loads, another reason as to why I lost a bit of weight. Therefore, I knew that going into lockdown, I was going to gain weight. Whenever I am stuck at home, that is what happens. I eat more, I exercise less. But it is that understanding I have that makes me view this weight gain as perfectly okay and acceptable.

It is only temporary

I feel like my previous point leads nicely into this one. Lockdown isn’t forever. I’m definitely struggling to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but one day we will reach it. Not that I know when that is, but, this lifestyle is temporary which is so important to keep in mind. With an understanding of myself, I know that when lockdown is lifted, I will go out more, travel to work, and probably join a gym. Inevitably, that will probably mean that I lose a bit of weight. That isn’t necessarily my goal, but it is something that gives me comfort when accepting my weight gain.

We all cope differently

Again, this leads on from understanding. But in these extraordinary times right now, we are all learning to cope in our own way. My way of coping is a completely different way to someone else’s way of coping.

For example, I am seeing so many people using this time to workout more. On a daily basis, I see people running 5k, sharing ab transformations or showing their new healthy food creation. But that is their way of coping, and that is what you’ve got to remember. If that is how they deal with lockdown, leave them be, but it doesn’t mean that you should be doing it too. At first, I was getting so down about the fact that I wasn’t working out everyday, but I learned that working out constantly isn’t going to help me either.

I’ve always found comfort in food. Whether that be in a healthy or unhealthy way. Especially when there is so much spare time on my hands, I tend to eat more. Of course, that’s going to make me gain weight, but that is what makes me feel at ease right now, which is my priority. These times are all about looking after yourself and your mental state so if that means eating a little extra chocolate or eating a whole tube of Pringles in one go, then so be it.

Being okay with gaining weight in lockdown

I’ve never felt more confident

A little more personal to myself, but since this whole lockdown thing, I have adapted a lot. With so much time on my hands, now that exams are canceled, I have been putting time into the things I love. One of which is this blog and with my blog comes photography. Before this, I use to suck at taking outfit pictures and pictures of myself, just because I never bothered to learn. But in the last couple of weeks, I feel like I have really found my style and the way I like to shoot. It because of this, that I have really became confident in the way I look.

I’ve never liked my body or my appearance and I still have those days but now, I am so much more accepting of myself. I do put this down to the photography side of my blog. Shooting more outfit content and experimenting with self-portraits has gotten me use to the way I look which makes me more accepting of myself. This may not work for everyone, but it has made a huge impact to me.

This blog post, for example, the pictures in it, I would never have dreamed of taking them a couple of months back. But it is with shooting constantly and prioritising my passion for blogging that it has given me the confidence to just do it and photograph myself. I won’t lie though, leaving sixth form and knowing that I have a sense of ‘freedom’ has also helped. I’m not trying to please anyone anymore and with that, I’ve found new confidence in myself.

I’m still healthy

And finally, a huge, huge reason to be grateful right now. I am healthy. Before this, I was solely focused on my exams and pleasing people, but when things change so drastically as it has, you realise what matters. It is all about perspective.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this blog post. I feel like I’m really finding a love for talking about body positivity and confidence so if you have anymore blog post suggestions then I’d love to hear them in the comments.

Before I sign off though, I do just want to say that it is okay to have a bad day. Although this blog post is all about why I’m okay with gaining weight, I promise you that I don’t always feel like that, which is totally normal. Anyone who wants to talk or reach out, whether you are having a bad day or not, please feel free to do so. My email is and my Insta is @gracexkatex, both are always open for a chat!

Stay safe,
Grace xx