I went self-hosted a couple of weeks ago now and this is a super spur of the moment post, but I really just wanted to talk about my thoughts on the whole journey so far. It may not have been that long since starting this self-hosted blog but let me tell you, I have learnt a hell of a lot and shed one too many tears over it.

I’m not sure if everyone was like this going into self-hosting but I was not prepared, whatsoever! Little did I know how much time went into hosting your own blog. I now have so much more respect for those who can run their site efficiently and make it function perfectly because I am barely scraping the service.

Like I said, going self-hosted is hard and I still have so much more to learn from all areas. I am doing this completely on my own, I haven’t got someone advising me or doing it for me, it is something I am learning as I go along each day. Obviously, I’m not completely helpless. Google and Youtube have been huge helping hands for me in this process, any question or help I need, someone has asked and answered it before, it is just finding it.

I also feel like there is a lot more risk in going self-hosted, things that I didn’t even think of such a legal implications, hacking vulnerabilities and just the general fear of failing. Obviously, if this doesn’t go well, then it isn’t a total fail as I have and am going to learn so much, but I do tend to set high standards for myself. I want things to be perfect and I am very bad at waiting for things to just fall into place, I want them then and now, which just isn’t the case.


But before going self-hosted, I was feeling very lost in my blog and presence on social media. I felt like the content I was putting out just wasn’t good and that it had no purpose. Spontaneously deciding to go self-hosted though has given me that fresh start I’ve wanted for so long. I feel like I can totally rebrand myself if I wanted to. Obviously, my content has remained quite similar but I am trying to broaden what I talk about. I’m now motivated to take images that are of higher quality and make my writing more relatable and easier to read. I think all of it has just been really inspiring and motivating to me. My post ideas are through the roof right now and I am just so excited for the future. I have not been so excited about my blog before, I don’t think, ever.

There are so many things I want to do with my blog now, things that I didn’t even think of doing back on my Blogger account. I have set myself lots of goals whether that be just to learn about something, start a new form of social media or reach x amount of page views in a month. Going self-hosted has provided me with that motivation. It’s made me realise the possibilities and what I can really achieve if I put everything into it.

I know this post was more of a word vomit than anything else but I hope it gave you a little insight into where I’m at right now. Hopefully, we’re going to go on this journey together and I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Stay Safe,
Grace xx