So it turns out that I love to shoot home content. Who would have thought? It is just me, myself, and I working the whole job and it can become so fun. One of my favourite things about shooting from home is the endless possibilities for angles, backgrounds, layouts, and compositions. It is really exciting to discover new places to shoot in your own house. So in this post, I thought I’d accumulate some of my favourite shots I have taken from home. These home photoshoot ideas would be perfect for lifestyle bloggers but also anyone who wants to spice up their at-home content!

Act natural shot, at home photoshoot ideas

Acting Natural

I wouldn’t necessarily call this a ‘natural shot’ but it definitely has a more chilled vibe to my usual content. At the end of the day, it is just me chilling on my bed. I definitely think that this can normalise your content whether that be on your blog or Instagram. For me, I love shots like this to break up my usual fashion pics on Instagram as I think it can just remind someone that there is a person behind the camera and the outfits. These are definitely one of the easiest to shoot for me since nothing really needs to be cropped out as it is that ‘natural’ candid shot.

Motion shot, at home photoshoot ideas

Motion Shot

I love these pictures for any bloggish themed post. They are nice because there is still a bit of you in the image but it is more about the work you’re doing. This isn’t for laptops only as well, you could be showing apps on your phone, or even reading a book or making notes. But this type of motion picture is super versatile for lifestyle blogs and I always try to have a couples of these saved and ready to go. They are definitely a useful type of image, I have found them to work really well for Pinterest pins or just any type of promotion for my blog. I would also say that these are pretty easy to shoot and you can always mix it up by adding different accessories in the background so super transferable also.

Flatlay, at home photoshoot ideas


Who doesn’t love a good flatlay? Honestly speaking, I am not the greatest at these, they definitely take a little more patience than what I am use to, but they are always good to practice. This example is for makeup, but you could do this for fashion, books, any product really that you want to show off. I also think that flatlays can be a really cool way to show your style as everyone has a different take on them. Personally, for me, I love soft textures and a very clustered feel when it comes to laying out the product. However, yours could be very structured or have block colours as the background. There really are no limits to this one.

Fake mirror selfie, at home photoshoot ideas

Fake Mirror Selfie

One of my current favourites and it is so useful for anyone struggling to take proper mirror selfies. From what I know, MariaJBlogs came up with this genius idea, or at least I saw it first on her account and it is a game-changer. You literally just hold your phone up to the camera as if you were taking a mirror selfie but instead, it is a proper camera shot. I love these for my outfit shots but once again, you could do this for portraits or anything really. For me, I also find these a lot more comfortable to shoot as you have something to do if that makes sense. Because you are holding the phone and it is acting as a prop, it is just so much easier to get that casual outfit shot.

Fashion detail shot, at home photoshoot ideas

Detail Shot

This is one I am experimenting with loads of the minute and that is detailed fashion shots but in a flatlay form. Like most of these ideas, you could do this with any product you want to shoot, but I think this works particularly well for fashion pieces as it really lets you show off an accessory. Usually, I never show my shoes in a picture because they don’t fit in the frame, but up-close shots like this would let you show off those accessories that probably don’t get the attention they deserve. Once again, a nice texture as the base and maybe a colour scheme, this makes a great shot.

Profile picture, at home photoshoot ideas

Profile Shot

I always think that it is good to have a couple of good profile shots. You can do these in loads of different ways. Personally, I love an up-close self-portrait but also half-body shots like these are nice too. I always think that it is good to remind your followers/ readers that you are a real person and this is a super easy way to do that. A cute outfit and a friendly expression, sorted. Similar to the motion shots also, these are great pictures to have as backups, whether that is for a new profile picture, for an about me page or even a blog post. You can also get super creative with this one, maybe some cool props and accessories could really spice this up.

Up-close outfit picture, at home photoshoot ideas

Up-Close Outfit Shot

I am loving outfit shots right now but you can’t always see the finer details from far away. This is where this type of shot comes in. It is sort of a cropped outfit shot, but I think it works well to show off any fine prints, textures or tie details like the ones in this picture. They are also nice to pair with regular outfit shots just to show a range of compositions. Because these are close up as well, you don’t have to focus so much on the pose, and instead it is more about making sure all the details are captured.

Backlit shot, at home photoshoot ideas

Backlit Pic

This is another type of post that I am trying to work on as they are so hard to edit. They are a great idea though, especially to add more depth to your feed. I’ve always loved backlit pictures as I think that they give great silhouettes like this and really show off a shape. I also love how they look when you aren’t facing the camera and it is a back shot too. They definitely look more natural in my opinion.

Mirror picture, at home photoshoot ideas

Mirror Reflection

I tested this one out the other day and I love how it turned out. I’m not going to lie, it took a bit of trial and error to get the right angle and position, but I thought the outcome was super cool. I found that as long as you can get the camera to focus directly on the mirror than you can make your pose work around that. When I was trying this though, I kept it super simple by just staring into the mirror, but this would look great for motion shots of applying products for example. Whether that be doing your hair or makeup, I think they could be a great pictures. I definitely plan to use this shoot idea more in the future as I think that it is an on-trend mirror pic but with a twist.

Jewellery shot, at home photoshoot ideas

Jewellery Shot

Another idea that I am trying to perfect and that is capturing jewellery into a picture. I struggle with this one in terms of positioning and what works best. I’m still learning, but nevertheless, it is a great idea. Much like the up-close outfit pictures, this is another great way to give your jewellery a little more attention. Especially if you have a 50mm lens, I think this works so great because of that super blurry background.

I’d love to know which of the 10 was your favourite home photoshoot idea and whether you plan to use any of these in the future.
Stay safe,

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