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One of my favourite parts of blogging is taking and editing the photos that go with it. Even when it come to Instagram, the editing is my favourite part. And I feel like you guys have started to notice my editing style as I’ve had a lot of requests to do this post. So in this post, I’m going to show you all the apps I use to edit all of my pictures for both Instagram and my blog. This also includes a free preset made by another wonderful blogger who has transformed my editing game, so please continue to read!


The infamous app that everyone should own for editing pictures. If you don’t have it, please get it, it changes the game. I have been using Lightroom for a couple of years now and it is truly the best app to edit your pictures.

For years, I would just use the auto button to automatically edit my pictures, but now I play around with colours, tones, lighting to create a perfect edit for that particular preset.

What I love about Lightroom is that you can either make your own presets or use ones someone else has made to make all of your pictures super cohesive. I have a couple of my own presets that I am in the middle of perfecting, and you can do the exact same. Also.. did I mention that this app is for free!

I am about the share the preset that I use which is free, but if they aren’t your style, you can get so many on Etsy or some Instagrammers sell theirs too. Presets are definitely the best way forward for editing your pictures because they keep everything consistent. I have noticed such a difference in my blog and Instagram since using a preset as everything just looks a lot cleaner and cohesive.


Onto the best part of this post which is the free preset I’ve discovered. It was created by the wonderful Onyi, who has such an amazing blog. She is a self-taught photographer so she has the best advice for taking amazing pictures. You can just go onto her free resources page to get the presets as well as photography tips!

I thought that installing the presets was going to be a little difficult on my phone, but Onyi has a guide that comes with the presets which is super easy to follow. It took me about 10 minutes to get all 10 presets onto my phone and they are going to last as long as you want them to. So it is definitely worth getting them onto your Lightroom app.

These presets won’t be to everyone’s taste, but I love them. They are super warm toned, bright and have a nice bit of grain to them. Even if you aren’t the biggest fan of one of these presets, I’m sure you’ll find one out of the ten that you can work with.

I don’t just click on the preset to instantly edit the pictures. I’ll always do my own editing on top of that, but the presets are a great starting point. Personally for me, after applying the preset, I will lower the highlights and whites, then I will lower the warmth, but that’s about it. And then I’m done.

I couldn’t recommend these presets enough and I think if you are starting out with editing then this is the place to start. It’s also perfect for those of you who want to get a bit of a theme going. Even if you don’t use these presets directly, they are a great starting point for creating your own!

Check out these links…


Apart from Lightroom, this is the only other app I use and it is for two tools. The healing tool and the selective tool.

I’m not one to facetune my pictures or edit out my spots. But if there is a mark on my phone or on the wall that distracts me from the picture, then I will use the healing tool to just erase it. It’s super easy and just get’s rid of any little details that might frustrate you.

But the selective tool is the best part of this app. If like me, you struggle with lighting, this is the app for you. The selective tool, basically allows you to select an area on the picture and you can brighten it, darken it, or even change the saturation of it. This is super useful for my outfit pictures as I get a lot of shadows from the initial shot. So the selective tool basically allows me to get more even lighting, and it makes the pictures brighter too.

It is definitely a tool that takes a little practice, but I would highly recommend giving it a go to just add extra brightness to your pictures. I’ve tried my best to show you the difference it has on the Lightroom edited pictures in the before and afters below.


before and afters

The picture on the left, is the initial shot, taken straight from my camera. The picture next to that is then the Lightroom edited pictures. This one was taken using the ninth preset from Mossonyi. I changed the warmth and brightness a little, but that is about it. The third from the left is then the picture in Snapseed. You can see the dots which are the areas I have selected to add a little brightness, which you can see on the dial above. The picture on the right is then the final outcome. This is the picture you would see on my blog.

before and afters

These are just some before and afters using those same steps. As you can see, the presets work for flatlays, outfit shots and portraits.

I would love to know how you edit your pictures in the comments below. Do you use a preset or are you going to try out Mossonyi’s?
Lots of love,
Grace xx

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