Shirt styling for spring, leather and bold

Okay so the UK is being hit with a huge heatwave right now so looking at these pictures makes me sweat. However, you CAN wear shirts in summer and that is what I am going to prove to you in this post. There is something for everyone, from smart casual vibes to something so effortless and comfortable.

Leather and bold, shirt styling ideas

Leather & Bold

Alright…I hear you.. who wants to wear leather in the heat? But have you tried leather joggers? They have changed the game. I love leather all year round, it is a huge fashion favourite of mine and these joggers are my preferred way to incorporate it into summer.
The shirt in this post is a vintage Tommy Hilfiger in a Men’s Large. I obviously gave it a feminine twist, cropped it, and added contrasting stitching which made it so much more my vibe. This shirt is so cool though, mainly because of the colour. It is that bright green that isn’t neon but still super bold. Such a perfect spring/ summer colour if you ask me.
And I just think, this cropped shirt with the leather joggers is so cool. It gives me a proper street style vibe. I can see this with a cute bralette underneath, chunky trainers and some huge sunglasses for dinner with friends.

abstract and oversized, shirt styling ideas

Abstract & Oversized

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am obsessed with this shirt. Although it has been in my collection for a while, I have only just started to style it in new and exciting ways. Speaking of which, here is an outfit that I cannot wait to wear in summer.
I love this shirt because it has that silky, oversized feel which looks super luxe but is nice and lightweight for spring. The pale shades I also think pair so nicely with this white denim skirt. I love my denim skirt and I’m never one to wear an all-white look but I think that this looks so fresh for the warmer months. I also paired it with a black belt to add some contrast and some detail.
This is definitely the sort of outfit that I plan to wear on a casual summers day where I want to look a little more stylish.

Pastel and cropped, shirt styling ideas

Pastel & Cropped

I’m really going out with all of the matching tones here today and this one is a little pastel duo. We are also back to the cropped shirts as I think they are so fab for layering when the summer evenings get a little cooler.
Starting out, this pink bodycon dress is a staple in my summer wardrobe because it is so comfortable and easy to wear. However, I never thought to wear it with this shirt until I planned this post. And I am obsessed. I think the two pair so nicely together for that killer pastel combo.
Pastel yellow was huge in spring and I think it is going to continue to be super trendy in summer also. It is such a fun pop of colour to incorporate into your wardrobe and something like the check details on this shirt, makes it so much easier to style.
I can definitely see myself wearing this outfit a lot in summer for casual days out, running errands, or even to a little summer BBQ.

Casual and comfy, shirt styling ideas

Casual & Comfy

A denim shirt is the ultimate shirt for summer if you ask me. And although I think this picture really doesn’t do it justice, I think you will see the vibe I’m going down. I also think that if you are to buy one piece for your summer wardrobe, it needs to be a vintage denim shirt.
Rather than a denim jacket, a denim shirt is so great for spring. It is lightweight, so super easy to style and goes with anything. You can also get so many cool vintage ones now for super cheap so I really think everyone should own one of these.
For this post, I styled this denim shirt with a black crop and cycling shorts for a super effortless outfit. However, I could do another ten posts on how to style a denim shirt because there really are so many ways. This one is one of my favourites though because of how effortless it is.
Such an easy outfit for summer, any day for any event, especially with a pair of sunglasses and sliders.

Smart and fitted, shirt styling ideas

Smart & Fitted

I knew I needed a smarter outfit in here that didn’t include a shirt which was men’s or insanely oversized. And this is what I came up with.
Most people tend to avoid a fitted shirt but like many of these pieces, they are great to have in your wardrobe. Clearly a fitted shirt is going to look a lot more put together and flattering. This one is super nice and I love the small monochromatic print on it.
Obviously, to suit my own personal style, I had to dress it down. So to incorporate oversized vibes in a new way, I paired it with some mom jeans. I love how this outfit looks, it is smart casual with a summer twist. The blue denim and the shirt having the top buttons undone gives it that easy style. I would love to see this sort of outfit paired with some mules, loads of jewelry and maybe a bright lipstick.

Please let me know in the comments which outfit was your favourite! And how would you style a shirt in summer? Let me know!
Stay safe,
Grace xx

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