Since this whole lockdown thing, binge-watching tv shows has been one of my greatest achievements so far and so I feel well-equipped to write today’s post. I thought I would compile a list of my top ten binge-worthy tv shows for right now. This could have been a much longer list, but I thought I’d keep a nice round number and if it goes well, I’ll do a part two. I’ve also tried to keep a nice range of shows, some more light hearted, some more intense and dramatic, so hopefully, there is something for everyone.

Anyone who knows me knows that GLEE is my favourite TV show of ALL TIME. Call me a Gleek or a freak, I don’t care because this show is incredible and so timeless. It is set in an American high school that is very resistant to the arts and a Spanish teacher starts a glee club. Starting with just a group of misfits, relationships are built and torn apart, lots of drama happens and some amazing music is made. Some really important topics are also covered from bulling to suicide, to sexuality, to religion, to self-discovery.
To me, this is the ultimate guilty pleasure show. It is so fun to watch, sometimes cringe, but it never fails to put a smile on my face. I am such a music lover and I think if you are too, then you will love this. Music from all areas are covered and it is so fun to watch recreations of music videos and unique choreography too. Anyway, this is the ultimate binge-worthy, easy-to-watch, feel-good TV show which I think everyone should watch.

More of an intense show, but HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER is an amazing show for anyone who loves a bit of crime and mystery. This is based around a group of law school students who are taken under the wing of a criminal defence attorney to defend the ‘guilty’. But, as the name would suggest, they learn how to get away with murder.
This show is so gripping. It switches between the past and present, revealing small pieces of information per episode and it is so satisfying to see it all come together at the end. I also think that the characters in this show are some of the best-developed characters ever. Watching it season by season just gets me so emotional because you see each person’s own journey of growth and understanding, it’s amazing. Also, anyone who wants to live out their lawyer dream as I do, this is ideal because you just get hit will all of those legal terms and policies but also some life-changing stories.

Such an underrated show that I love is ELITE. This is a Spanish drama so you can either watch it with subtitles or dubbed or in Spanish. Personally, I like it dubbed, I think it just makes it more realistic and easier to follow. This show, though, is another mystery, based in a Spanish private school where one of the students has murdered another. Within the season, all the characters are looked at, shown to be guilty of something but only one of them has committed the real murder and it is just so well put together. The characters in this show are so scandalous and it is just such a fun watch.
I binge watched each season in a weekend because it is so addictive. The characters are so damaged and unreliable but it just adds to the mystery, it’s amazing. I also think that the representation in this is really good, exposing relationships and minorities that aren’t always discussed in such mainstream tv shows. It’s so well put together and just a beautiful tv series, I can’t wait for season three.

Oh my goodness, SHADOW HUNTERS gives me ALL the feels. There is something about urban fantasy that just hits me differently. Based on Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instrument book series, Shadow Hunters is an urban fantasy based around a girl called Clary who discovers that she is a Shadow Hunter. Shadow Hunters are basically protectors of the mundanes (humans) but the show is so much more than that. It is dangerous, action-packed but also super sexy and emotional at times. I bloody love it.
This is the sort of show that you just need to dive into headfirst and trust me, you will fall in love. I just love this show so much, the relationships built in this is what makes it so special and how close that actors are in real life shows on the screen. Although it is fantasy, I think a lot of it can be pulled and translated into our society and the issues we face as people whether that be self-discovery or grief or mental health.

Another show that is super underrated is THE SOCIETY. Anyone who asks for new Netflix shows to watch, this is the one I always recommend, it is so good. It is about a year group that returns to their hometown after a trip to find that everyone else has gone. They can’t escape their hometown and the show revolves around how they survive.
What I love so much about this show is how thought-provoking it is. It discusses topics that make you question our society now. How people naturally rise to power, how leadership can make or break a group of people, and what I thought was most interesting was the discussion of whether the death penalty should be used or not. It is such an interesting show and it is incredible to watch. There is only one season available, so you’ve been warned, you will be devastated when it’s over. But season two is coming later this year and I am so excited about it!

A reality tv show I have to recommend is NEXT IN FASHION. So many people have loved this show and rightly so, it is great. This gives me all of the Project Runway vibes and for anyone who wants to live out their fashion design fantasy, this is for you. It is basically a fashion design competition but the contestants are from all around the world. The unique array of designers is what makes this show so captivating, each creation is so innovative and I just loved watching it.
It is definitely the sort of show where you love or hate the contestants but it is just such an easy watch. I zoomed through this series as I just had it on in the background but I would recommend it to anyone who just wants something a little different but enjoyable to watch.

TEEN WOLF will always be a solid favourite of mine. Another urban fantasy but in this, our main character Scott becomes a werewolf and it basically follows his journey on coping with that as well as discovering other supernatural beings. This is such a fun, coming-of-age TV show. It is dramatic, hilarious, relatable, emotional, mysterious, and everything else.
I really wish more people would watch this show. It makes me cry and laugh in the same episode. But, this cast is unbelievable. Their chemistry shines through and I love watching their interviews and outtakes, they’re hilarious. I really think more people should watch this. There are also six seasons, so get excited because the storylines are amazing.

I feel like I have to give a little mention to PRETTY LITTLE LIARS. I’m sure most people have already watched it, but if you’re anything like me, you will rewatch it again and again. No matter how bad the finale was, I still love this show. For those who don’t know what it’s about, PLL revolves around a group of friends, whose ‘leader’ has gone missing. It is so much more than that though. It is your ideal teen drama with breakups, plot twists, and some of the best one-liners.
This is my sort of easy watch. Maybe because I’ve seen it so many times and could probably play the part of each character, but it is so binge-worthy. It was actually the show that got me into Netflix and tv show watching, so it deserves a mention.

For anyone who wants to live out their fantasy of traveling New York or having the most insane wardrobe, GOSSIP GIRL is your show. A typical American teen drama, following the lives of the New York elite, Gossip Girl gives all the feels from the New York setting; exciting, mysterious, and stylish. It’s filled with scandal and mystery but also so much romance and some great friendship moments too.
I am definitely one of those fans caught up in the Blair and Chuck romance but this show is just so binge-worthy as things change in an instant, so you’ve just got to catch up. There is also a spin-off show coming out very soon which I am skeptical about, but I’ll definitely be watching it.

Finally, I wanted to add a more mature show here so I’m giving you SHERLOCK. This is unlike anything I’ve ever watched before and it is incredible. It is such a well-thought-out show, filled with twists and turns and it basically just makes me want to be a detective when I grow up.
What makes this such a good series to binge-watch is that each episode is an hour and a half so they almost feel like mini-films. It might not be for everyone, but each episode is so captivating, you just want to watch more. This is definitely for someone who wants to be engaged in a show filled with mystery.

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I definitely enjoyed writing it and I now want to rewatch all of this tv goodness. Let me know if there are any shows you recommend I watch or if I should so a part two.

Stay Safe,