There is no better feeling than getting lost in a book, don’t you think? For me though, it takes a really special book for me to be able to sit there and devour it in one sitting. However, I have touched lucky a couple of times and have found some books to be easy and quick reads that you can just get lost in. With most of us having a lot of spare time at the minute, I thought it would be the perfect time to share five YA books that are super quick to read but that are also amazing stories.

Letters to the Lost – Brigid Kemmerer

This book is the whole reason I love to read so much to this day. For me, this book sparked a love for reading as I sat and read it in one day, something I had never done before. It is a very special book to me for that reason and I recommend it to anyone as I think that it is such a beautiful story.

The book is written from two perspectives, Juliet and Declan, both high school students, dealing with grief in their own ways. They cross paths without knowing it was each other and their unexpected connection starts there. I’m trying not to give too much away but this is everything that makes YA contemporaries so good and relatable. It is a feel good story but deals with hard-hitting topics that I think a lot of people can relate to, I know I did. The writing style is so beautiful but easy to read and I just think it is a must read for anyone who loves a contemporary.

Shatter Me – Tahereh Mafi

Where do I even start with this book? One of my favourite books of all time and I read it on a complete whim and finished it within 24 hours, and then ordered the rest of the series on next day delivery.

This YA dystopian is centered around a girl called Juliet who has been shut away from the world because her touch is lethal. It is definitely a strange concept and before this, I hadn’t read anything like it before, but it is so good. Although it’s concept is unique and the setting is unimaginable, it still somehow feels possible and realistic. All of the characters have something in which people can relate to which I think is what makes this book so good. Juliet as a main character is extraordinary and she is so empowering in this story. This book is just perfect to me and I would recommend the entire series for anyone who wants a really gripping, unique story.

Orbiting Jupiter – Gary D. Schmidt

This is a super short and quick read but such a beautiful story different from anything I have read before. It is a beautiful story about friendship and redemption, but be warned, it is heartbreaking. I sobbed when I read this as it took so many turns and the ending was beautiful but so sad.

Here is the synopsis – ‘Jackson (Jack) Hurd narrates his experience while his family is fostering Joseph Brook, a fourteen-year-old boy who served a month’s sentence in the fictional Stone Mountain juvenile detention center. Joseph is a teenage father who signed his parental rights away to allow his daughter Jupiter to be placed for adoption. Shortly after signing away his rights, he took unmarked yellow pills and assaulted a teacher, for which he was sent to Stone Mountain. The novel begins with Mrs. Stroud, the social worker assigned to Joseph’s case, telling the Hurd family specific rules for dealing with Joseph.

It is a story that is very eye opening and one that I think everyone should read. Although unique in its topics, I think it is about something that more people should expose themselves to.

Damage – Eve Ainsworth

This book is such an important read and discusses topics I think everyone should be made aware of. Saying that, if you are triggered by self-harm, suicidal thoughts, grief or depression than this book is one I recommend you skip as those topics are discussed in detail and will be upsetting for some people to read. However, if those topics are things you can read about, I think this is a good book to expose yourself to.

I have not looked back at this book since reading it the first time as it is a triggering read for me. However, I have never felt so understood by reading a book before this one. Although it is very dark in places, the main story is a young girl coping with grief. Obviously, it goes beyond that and our main character starts coping through self-harm but the topics discussed, I think, are ones people can relate to. I read this in the space of a couple of hours and it is a book that I constantly think about, to this day. I’m a big believer that, as people, we should try and understand mental health as best as we can to help support the people around us. This blurb says ‘not everyone has wounds you can see’ which I think is a perfect way to describe this book as that is exactly what is discusses.

If you can stomach reading about such dark topics then I would recommend giving this book a read. It definitely opens your eyes up to the severity of mental illness but also how different people cope with the responsibility of it. Not just the person suffering with those dark thoughts, but the people closest to them and how they handle it.

Moxie – Jennifer Mathieu

Ending on a more light-hearted note, this book was such a fun read for me. It is YA contemporary but with a great feminist twist.

This book revolves around a quiet girls who starts a feminist revolution in her repressive high school, based in Texas. The books follows her perspective, rebelling against the sexist rules in her school.

It is such a great read, one that I think everyone would love. It’s both tasteful and empowering, but it is discusses what it means to be a feminist in a way I think a lot of girls can relate to.

I’d love to know if anyone has read any of these books and if so, leave your thoughts in the comments. I hope you all enjoyed this post and now feel a little more inspired to get lost in a book.

Stay safe,