From the florals to the double denim, spring fashion really is a vibe. I love it but as much as I love trying to find new pieces, there are ones I am constantly going back to. In this post, I wanted to share my spring staples that I think everyone should own. They are easy to wear and style, but also perfect for the warmer weather.

Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets, to me, are that perfect street-style jacket. It looks cool, but also super casual, which is right up my street. With bomber jackets, there is always an oversized vibe. The one I’m wearing in this shot is a little fitted but has a slight crop, giving it that shape. Bomber jackets are also so fun and easy to style. With joggers and trainers, or a mini skirt and a crop, it just gives that effortless vibe to an outfit. It is definitely my go-to jacket for spring because it adds that extra layer without it being too heavy.

Plain Vest Bodysuit

Such an essential basic of mine but I love a good bodysuit. I particularly love vest bodysuits as they make such a great layering piece, as you can see with the bomber jacket. They’re so super easy to pair with nearly anything and they are super flattering as they hug your figure. Personally for me, on an everyday basis, a bodysuit and joggers, is a must. However, when I’m making more effort, a vest bodysuit still works, maybe with a denim skirt and some flats, which is still super cute and perfect for spring.

Floral dress, perfect staple piece for spring

Floral Dress

To me, floral shouts spring in every which way and a floral dress is the perfect feminine piece in anyone’s wardrobe. Any length or fit, but that floral print just gives a little nod to spring and the warmer weather. The one photographed here is a personal favourite in my collection. It is also perfect for spring with the mini length and the long sleeves. This dress and a pair of little boots or trainers, love love love.

White Trainers

Anyone who knows me will know, that I eat, sleep and breathe in white trainers. Perhaps an exaggeration, but seriously, white trainers are my must-have piece in my wardrobe. Paired with the floral dress above or jeans and a tee, white trainers are just the perfect shoe to throw on and head out the door in. I also really think that they brighten up an outfit and give it that casual edge.

Oversized tee and cycling shorts, some staple pieces perfect for spring

Cycling Shorts

You either love them or you hate them. Personally, I love cycling shorts. Especially for when the weather gets warmer, cycling shorts with an oversized t-shirt or a sweatshirt, such a vibe. With the white trainers too, the perfect everyday outfit. I also think that cycling shorts can be super fun. This khaki pair I own are my favourite and I love how it just adds that little extra colour to an outfit.

Graphic Tee

Okay, so I love a graphic tee all year round, but they do make my spring staples list. They are such a good piece to have in your wardrobe for spring because they are so versatile. You can get some super unique ones in bright colours or unusual prints and they just give that extra detail to an outfit. Whether it be a funny slogan or a cool picture, it will grab someone’s attention. Once again though, so super easy to style, especially if you go for the oversized fit. Leggings, tucked into jeans, or cycling shorts, a graphic tee is just a must you should have in your spring wardrobe.

Graphic tee and oversized jeans, some staple pieces perfect for spring
White tee and jeans, some staple pieces perfect for spring

Oversized Jeans

A fit that is becoming so trendy at the moment are oversized jeans. They can have any shape to suit your figure and style, but it just needs to give that casual, effortless vibe. I am definitely very picky when it comes to these types of jeans, because fit is essential, however, I love how they look. Personally, blue jeans are my favourite and I think that they are also so fresh for spring. But these jeans paired with a chunky belt and a tee or a bodysuit, such a cool spring outfit.

White T-shirt

There is just something about a crisp white t-shirt that I just love. Again a staple for all year round, but in spring particularly, this is such a great item to have in your wardrobe. I’m super basic, I love a white t-shirt and jeans, but you can do so so much with it. Layer it with a shirt, wear underneath a dress or pair it with some funky trousers. It is such a versatile item. Plus, white will always make you look more tanned and so for spring, I live in white t-shirts.

Nude trousers and an oversized shirt, some staple pieces perfect for spring

Nude Trousers

Not something I ever thought I’d love, but nude trousers have won me over. I actually have two pairs, one more of a jean and this cord pair, but both are so perfect for spring. The pale tones just give an outfit such a fresh and bright look, which can look so sophisticated and clean. I also think that they are such an interesting piece to style. For me, I like to stick with an all-neutral outfit when I go for nude trousers, and then add some jewellery and a black belt, just to make it pop. This is definitely a piece I will be wearing a lot this season and I can’t wait to see what other combos I decide to wear with it.

Oversized Shirt

I’m sure you’ve got the idea by now, but I love anything oversized. However, a favourite of mine are oversized shirts. These are such cool pieces to have in your collection and I perhaps have one too many. But they are so great to layer in spring, especially to replace with a jacket when the weather is warmer. One of my favourites is my vintage denim shirt but the one in this post is a silk shirt, in a super cool abstract print. I would also recommend buying these shirts second-hand or from a vintage store because you can get some really unique patterns. Another super easy piece to style though. Crop it to give it more shape, or tuck it into jeans, or wear it over a pair of cycling shorts for a quick and simple outfit.

I’d love to know your spring staples in the comments below and how you would style them!
Stay safe,
Grace xx

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