I don’t know about you, but I never think to look at the clothing offered in supermarkets. My local supermarket is Sainsbury’s and over summer, I have accumulated some summer pieces from them. I have styled them into two outfits to share today, both are so perfect for a hot holiday.      

The first outfit is more casual…

and acted as a transitional bikini cover-up to a day outfit. These shorts are from Sainsbury’s and I think that they are so perfect for a summer holiday. I love runner shorts as I just think that they are so comfortable and you can get some really cute ones. I love these because of the quality of them. They are super thick and I love the detailed, mesh layer as I just think it makes them extra unique.

As I said, these shorts acted like a cover-up for my one piece, and I also paired the shorts with this mesh hoodie from H&M. I love tops like this because they are so lightweight and comfortable, perfect for a cooler day.

Next is more of a feminine, day outfit…

but can be dressed up really easily. I have never been one for floaty skirts, however, I have really experimented this summer and have found some new styles which I really love. If I had seen this a few months ago I wouldn’t have looked twice, but my mum encouraged me to try it and surprisingly I loved it. This is something I can see myself wearing loads more as it is so comfortable and easy to style.

Styling this, I decided to pair it with a thick, strapped bodysuit in this muted blue shade. I love this bodysuit because the fit is so great and I love the square neckline. The blue shade also really suits the skirt, like a match made in heaven. I also stuck with my white Vans just because they go with everything and are super comfortable.   

Let me know what you think of these outfits and this post! I will definitely be keeping my eye out on the pieces in Sainsubry’s during the colder months!
Grace xx

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