Glam outfits, shoulder pad t-shirt styling

I am so flippin’ excited about this post because this trend has been huge lately, and to say I’m obsessed would be an understatement. This post is obviously all about the shoulder pad t-shirt trend. I love this trend for so many reasons. It is casual vibes all the way but the silhouette looks so cool and luxe. I’m loving seeing everyone styling it on Instagram too.
This piece was on my wishlist for a while, but I then thought I could probably make my own out of materials I already have. Not only has this saved me a bit of money, but it is also such a great way to rework some old pieces in your wardrobe.

So in this post, you are going to find out exactly how I made my own trendy, shoulder pad t-shirt, and also five different ways you can style it.


This upcycle isn’t anything spectacular, but it means that anyone can do it. Trust me, if I could sew this together, so could you.
All you need is an old oversized t-shirt and removable bra padding which you can get in most sports bras. I didn’t think this would work either, but those removable bra pads make for great shoulder pads and they are super easy to work with. As you can see in the picture, mine were bright red but the oversized t-shirt wasn’t see through so you would never have been able to tell. This oversized t-shirt was a men’s large for reference and I think I got it from Asda for a couple of quid.

DIY vibes, shoulder pad t-shirt styling

I started off by removing the sleeves on the t-shirt. I unpicked the seams but now when I think about it, I could have just cut them off with scissors. Then all you want to do is try the top on, figure out how deep you want the armhole to be, and cut it out. I sketched mine on the t-shirt in pencil, then folded it in half, pinned both sides together, and then cut out both armholes at the same time to make them symmetrical.
All I did then was sew the seams on both armholes, making sure that when I reached the shoulder, I also sewed the flat edge of the bra cup into the seam. Looking at the picture above will definitely make more sense.
Then the final step was to just secure the bra pads by going over the shoulder seams.

I told you it was so super easy, and I’m so in love with the result. It is exactly what I wanted out and I know I am going to wear it loads. I made my armholes quite deep so I plan to wear it with a cute lace bralettes underneath, but here are five ways I would style a shoulder pad t-shirt!

Sporty outfits, shoulder pad t-shirt styling

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Sporty Vibes

I’m all for an oversized tee and shorts, but this is just with a little twist. I definitely think that this looks like a men’s muscle tee, but the shoulder pads just give it that structure to make the shape more flattering. It does give me a proper sporty vibe though, with a chunky pair of trainers, this would be so fab for every day.

Going out outfits, shoulder pad t-shirt styling

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Tailored Vibes

Perhaps my favourite outfit ever!….okay, slightly dramatic, but I really love this combo. This is how I’ve been seeing a lot of people styling these t-shirts and that is with a pair of tailored trousers. It gives me spring power suit energy and I love it. This would be so fab for drinks with a pair of heels or even work with a blazer on top. Obviously the pink trousers are a little obnoxious, but I love them and the belt is so flattering to just snatch everything in.

Casual outfits, shoulder pad t-shirt styling

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Relaxed Vibes

Back on the casual wave but a denim skirt, who would have thought? But I thought I’d spice it up slightly with a printed denim skirt. Considering the t-shirt is completely plain and it’s more about the shape, why not add some detail. This is definitely going to be a go-to summer outfit for me with a pair of flats.

Simple outfits, shoulder pad t-shirt styling

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Smart Casual Vibes

Such a basic look but I think it looks so chic! I love tucking in oversized pieces, but instead, I’ve worn it over something fitted like this mini skirt. It’s definitely not my usual outfit but I think this would make a great transitional outfit for heading into autumn, with tights and chunky boots. I also thought this bag went super well with the t-shirt, so I had to add it in.

Feminine outfits, shoulder pad t-shirt styling

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Girly Vibes

Another unusual outfit for me, and not that you can tell, but this is actually a midi skirt. With the t-shirt revealing a bit of skin, a midi skirt is a great way to add a little modesty. This pleated skirt doesn’t really suit me, but I loved the colours together. I just need a matching bag…But I can see this paired with cute mules for a girly day out in spring.

As always I’d love your feedback on this post! Let me know in the comments what you think of the shoulder pad t-shirt trend. Would you wear it?
Stay safe,
Grace xx

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