Throughout this lockdown period, I have found a love for shooting from home, just me, myself and I. There is something so rewarding about planning and shooting loads of content on your own. Plus, this time has really allowed me to experiment and get creative with my pictures.

Over on Instagram (@gracexkatex), I have been sharing all of my recent content so if you aren’t already following then I suggest you do. In this post though, I wanted to collate my top tips for shooting home content. These are the things I have learnt over the last few weeks and have allowed me to get some great shots, on my own.

Lighting is key

The key to any good picture, making everything clearer and crisper. Therefore this is what I prioritise, good light. Whether that is shooting at a certain time of day or standing in a certain position, if the lighting is good, you bet that is where I’m going to shoot.
Personally, I love direct lighting, especially for any portraits or outfit shots. I find that it keeps all of the colours realistic and gives that clean look, so shooting in front of a window is a must for me.
For more lifestyle shots though, I don’t mind a bit of backlighting, which is where the sun is behind you. It is harder to edit but I think that it can give a really nice effect.

Backlit shot whilst shooting from home.
Outfit shot with direct light, enhancing the colour and details.

Don’t forget the beauty of editing

I wish I had learned this sooner, because most pictures you take initially, aren’t going to be great until they’ve had a little tweaking. This is super important to remember when shooting because it will make you more versatile. For example, cropping an image can change everything so don’t forget that. If there is something in the background of your shot that you don’t like, think, can I crop that? can I edit it out? or can I hide it for next time?
Personally, I love Lightroom for any editing, I think it gives you the most freedom. For instance, if you are restricted by light, adding a little exposure or deepening the shadows can take your pictures from dull to super clean. A similar thing goes for colouring, you can always edit the way a colour looks, whether that is adjusting the warmth or saturation.

Experiment with poses, layouts, backgrounds

Probably my biggest piece of advice, just experiment. The sooner you learn that not every picture, or shoot you do is going to be good, the closer you can get to learning more and creating better content. My first few shoots from home weren’t great but they taught how to pose and what backgrounds worked best. After reviewing pictures that turned out well and not so well, it can become clear really quickly where it is you should shoot.
This doesn’t mean that once you find a place to shoot then you should never mix it up. Always try and find a new pose, or style to your images. It not only keeps things exciting for you but your audience will love seeing a variety from you too.

Shoot in bulk

Personally, I just can’t shoot every day, it doesn’t suit my lifestyle. My way around that is to just bulk shoot. I have two days a week where I just bulk shoot all of my shots for that week, whether that be for my blog, Instagram, or even Tiktok now. This works perfectly for me as it allows me to plan ahead and have everything planned and scheduled in time. I won’t lie, I’m not always so on point with my planning, but bulk shooting does keep me more organised.
Shooting in bulk also gives you more options if one of your images doesn’t turn out as planned. There will always be backups if you shoot in bulk which is perfect if you post on Instagram most days, as I do.

An experimental flatly, playing around with angles, accessories and layout.
A portrait under direct light, showing off the colour of the makeup.

A tripod is your best friend

One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. Now, I’m not lucky enough to have a boyfriend capable of taking pictures for me, because he doesn’t exist so I just do it myself. Independent women life, but I love it. I know the pictures I like and want to achieve so I prefer shooting on my own, but a tripod definitely helps.
I love my tripod because it just makes things quicker. Getting the right height, angle, and position super efficiently. Plus, it also makes me feel insanely professional. Jokes aside though, with my tripod, I’m able to get angles and positions that I couldn’t get before, like my backlit shots.
If you don’t have or can’t buy a tripod though, then just use what you’ve got. Books, waterbottles, gosh, even I use my AirPods to lift my camera up to get the right angle. Like I said earlier, just experiment.

Seek Pinterest for inspo

Does anybody else just love Pinterest, because same. It’s not only fun but super useful. In this case, the perfect home shots are at your fingertips. I even have a whole board just dedicate to home shooting inspiration which I will link here. Seeking inspiration though, just gets you feeling that bit more creative. It will give you ideas that you wouldn’t have come up with otherwise. Even if you can’t recreate them all exactly, I bet that you could come up with some really cool shots.

I’d love to know what you all thought of this blog post and whether you’d like to see more tips and tricks on my blog!
Stay safe,
Grace xx