Self portrait, self-discovery
Self portrait, a post about understanding yourself

I was doing a little searching on Google on self-discovery and understanding yourself better when I came across this article. It had the intriguing title of ’25 Questions That Help You Understand Yourself and Your True Potential’ and I immediately became curious. Before reading all of the questions, I thought that I would make this blog post with all of my answers.
I’m not hugely open online but I thought that this was a nice opportunity for people to get to know me better. I also encourage everyone else to answer these questions, whether it be through a blog post or on social media, or even just right them down. You may learn something about yourself.

1. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

I would say that I am definitely an introvert. I’m not one to speak out in a group of people and I definitely like to keep my mouth shut in most scenarios. Unless you know me really well, then I am not particularly loud. I would much rather be in the background than the leading lady, if you get me.

2. What are the top five words that describe your personality?

Google had to give me some describing words for this one as I’m having a bit of a mind blank, but I’d say loyal, hard-working, sensible, generous and practical.

3. Are you comfortable or uncomfortable in a disorganized environment?

Probably uncomfortable. A mentally chaotic or messy environment, I would definitely that I’d feel very uncomfortable.

4. Are you comfortable with taking risks?

Definitely not, I’m a very ‘comfortable’ person. I’d much rather not take this risk if it seemed like the more sensible option.

5. Do you work better alone or in a busy environment?

Alone, I’d say. I like working in silence, where I’m the only one in the room as there would be nothing else to focus on.

6. What are your strengths?

Being organised and managing my time well. I think that I can also be creative and hard-working.

7. What are your weaknesses?

I can be very critical and doubt myself. I’m very indecisive and struggle to follow my gut. I also suck at being honest and opening up to people, which I think is my main weakness.

8. What sets you apart from everyone else?

I’d like to think I’m good at seeing alternative views and opinions. It can make me indecisive but I think it makes me more understanding.

9. Are you motivated by competition?

I think I am. Whatever I do, I want to be good at it so seeing others do what I want to achieve is a motivator.

10. What are your favorite movies/shows/books?

Favourite movies – Footloose, The Imitation Game, Twilight (guilty pleasure), The Blind Side and 22 July

Favourite shows – Glee, Shadow Hunters, Teen Wolf, Elite, just to name a few (here’s a blog post about some of my favourite shows)

Favourite books – Shatter Me series, Letters to the Lost, Noughts & Crosses and Harry Potter (which I’m currently reading my way through)

11. What’s more important to you – having a career or a family?

Definitely family. I don’t this there is a point in having an amazing career if you can’t provide for your family and have them support you through it.

Self portrait, a post about understanding yourself

12. Do you embrace rules or rebel against them?

Embrace. I am very much a follower of the rules. Although I’d love my alter ego to be a super badass and break the rules, that’s not me, I care too much.

13. Are you a morning person or a night person?

Morning person all the way.

14. What’s more important to you – saving time or saving money?

I’d actually say saving money. I think spending time to save that money to invest and have more time in the future is more important to me.

15. What do you lie about and why?

I think I lie about how I really feel most of the times. Whether it be about my mental health, my passions, struggles, goals, fears, I just withdraw that information from people and lie about it if I have to.

16. Do you say yes (or no) too much?

I definitely don’t say yes enough and I say no way too often.

17. If money didn’t exist, what would you be doing with your time?

Realistically, watching a lot of Netflix right now with this whole lockdown thing. If we weren’t in lockdown, I’d say seeing friends and family, traveling, blogging and just generally being creative.

18. Are you patient or impatient?

I’m more impatient than I am patient.

19. Who makes you feel energized/inspired and exhausted/depleted?

The blogging community, my friends, and family definitely all make me feel inspired but by the same token, there are times when I feel overwhelmed by those same people also.

20. If your home was on fire, what are the three things you’d leave with?

My laptop, my dogs and my car keys. Obviously, that’s as long as my family can escape also.

21. Do you take responsibility for your mistakes?

I’ve definitely gotten better at doing this but not always.

22. What has to happen before your “real” life starts?

Educating myself and experiencing things first hand.

23. What are you avoiding?

Committing to something that I might later regret.

24. Do you easily feel guilty?

Very easily, I’m such a people pleaser.

25. What do you think you have to lose?

People’s respect and acceptance.

Okay, so a very random post, but it was really interesting to write my answers. I hope you all got to know me a little better and that you asked yourself some of these questions too. If you feel comfortable to do so, feel free to share your answers in the comments!
Stay safe,
Grace xx