where to shop for #secondhandseptember
where to shop for #secondhandseptember. oversized check shirt from the Vintage Kilo Sale

Clearly it’s September and that can only mean one thing… #SecondHandSeptember. This is a whole month dedicated to shopping second-hand only to raise awareness for the impact of fast fashion, particularly on the environment. I have quite a few blog posts planned for this month to share with you. Not only to help out with some second-hand shopping tips but to also inspire some of you to try it out. So in this post, I thought I’d start with the basics… where to actually shop for #SecondHandSeptember?

So this post is going to contain a variety of different places you can shop at to support #SecondHandSeptember. I’ve mentioned some pretty basic ones but I’ve also mentioned a few different options, to just show that second-hand shopping doesn’t just mean looking in charity shops.


The obvious one, but I still think that your regular charity shops are so overlooked. Vintage stores are great but nowadays, they can be pretty pricey. Charity shops, however, are so inexpensive, you can get some great bargains all while supporting a local charity. My personal favourite is Cancer Research UK, but there are so many out there. You’ve got Oxfam, Scope, British Heart Foundation, Age UK just to name a few.

Personally, the online websites don’t do the same for me as walking into the shop, as you never know what you might find. I’ve walked in and come out empty handed at times, but I’ve also come out with bargains that I have loved and still own. What I think is so great about charity shops is that they sell such a wide range of items. You can find some super old vintage pieces, but also your high street favourites that need a new home.

e.g. Ebay, Depop and Vinted

Who doesn’t love Ebay right? And quite frankly, if you are looking for a piece of clothing, it will be on Ebay, one way or another. The same thing goes for Depop or Vinted. All of them are platforms for you to sell/ buy your old clothes. I will say, I think Depop is the best when it comes to ‘trend’ pieces but I have found the best stuff on Ebay lately. If I ever feel like I want a certain item of clothing, I just type it on Ebay with my size, and there it is, retailing for less than half of the retail price. Or if there is a particular clothing brand I want to try, I do the exact same thing, just search for the brand and my size.

Be warned, these shops are so easy to spend hours on, but is so worth it when you find an absolute steal! I do plan on writing a post all about selling and buying on Ebay, but yes, they are one of the best places to shop for #SecondHandSeptember.

e.g. COW, Vintage Kilo Sale, Bloc Vintage

As I said earlier, vintage stores can be super pricey right now, but they are great places to at least check out. The most affordable one is the Vintage Kilo Sale which is currently doing online events which I would highly recommend checking out, but there are so many vintage stores to chose from. If we are talking stores, I would always say that COW is a great option. Some pieces are expensive but if you know you’re going to wear it loads, then it would be worth the investment. And as for my favourite online vintage store, it would have to be Bloc Vintage. I love the selection they have on there and the price isn’t too bad, plus they always have sales or discount codes available.


When I was looking into places to shop for #SecondHandSeptember, EBloggers showed up on my Instagram ads the next day (creepy right?). Personally, I’m still yet to buy from here, but I thought it was worth mentioning. Basically this online store resells loads of influencer’s clothes that they no longer want. So you are going to find so many trend pieces on here, all previously worn, but in great condition. We all know influencers have a reputation for not rewearing a lot of their clothes as there can be a pressure to develop an ever changing style to suit the seasons and trends. But this platform is great to be able to give those clothes a new home, whilst still being in great condition.

What I will say about EBloggers though, is that they aren’t very inclusive. I’m a size 10 and struggled to find pieces that I really wanted to buy. There isn’t much stock on there as I think they are still a growing platform, but I would still say that it’s worth checking out to seek inspiration and maybe a good bargain.

Oversized vintage shirt from the vintage kilo sale - shop for #secondhandseptember


A bit like vintage brands, there are so many reworked clothing stores out there now too. There are people upcycling old clothes to make them into something new. They might be doing something simple like cropping a men’s polo shirt or they could be making patchwork pieces that are totally unique. Just to name a few you can find on Depop, there is @offkut or @theupcycleclub or Kustomsclothing.com. But there are so many out there so I recommend having a little look online, on Instagram and on Depop because you are guaranteed to find one that suits your fit and style.


Super easy and one that requires no cost. If your friends or family are going through their wardrobes, do a clothing swap with them. Exchange some pieces that you think you would wear more or look through their stuff and keep the bits you know you will wear. Personally, I’m lucky that I have an older brother, who I love to steal clothes from. I have jackets and t-shirts that used to be his, that I have now adopted and taken for myself. But you could do this with anyone in your family or your friends. Maybe they need some adjustments, repairs or a bit of upcycling magic, but it is definitely a great place to source new clothes for no cost.

a second hand clothing mystery box

I didn’t really know what category this fit into, but I thought it was definitely worth mentioning. Lost Stock started in the beginning of lockdown to help fast fashion’s seasonal pieces not go to waste and to give the money to a good cause. So to put it simply, it’s a mystery box that is all second-hand. And these pieces you probably wouldn’t even class as ‘second-hand’ because they won’t have ever been worn. But I’ll leave the link for you here to check it out if it’s something you like the sound of. I’m definitely intrigued myself, but I have also heard very mixed reviews so I might just need to bite the bullet.


Another amazing way to still buy trending pieces, whilst shopping second hand and sample sales are becoming bigger and bigger. Simply, they are clothing retailers selling their samples for a discounted price. These could be samples that never made it into full production, the leftover stock that didn’t sell, or pieces that were only worn for photoshoots. All of these pieces are deserving of homes and so sample sales are now a lot of brands are getting rid of their wasted clothing. I think it’s a great idea, especially if you want to try out the brand and maybe get their pieces for a little cheaper. Just to name a few brands that are doing this, you’ve got Nu-In, Tala, Honey The Label, and Hissy Fit clothing. These aren’t your big clothing stores, but these are brands taking small steps to reduce their waste so they are definitely worth your support! Again, this is a great way to shop for #SecondHandSeptember that you might not have already thought of.

Do let me know what you think of this post and if you found it useful. I’d love to know if you are taking part in #SecondHandSeptember or if you are inspired to shop at anything I’ve mentioned above!
Lots of love,
Grace xx

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